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What I do

Person-centred Therapy

I am passionate about what it means to be a human, our connection to ourselves and how we show up in our relationships. I love working together with you at your pace and with whatever you are comfortable bringing to sessions.

I view every human experience as wonderfully unique, alongside the belief that our perception of the world around us is also unique to the individual. It is my aim as your therapist, to view your life through your eyes and to feel what you feel. I believe that when a client feels genuine, non-judgemental love and care from the counsellor, a natural healing begins to take place. In addition to providing these conditions, I will be present in each session as my authentic, genuine self. This will enable you to feel safe enough to do the same and will encourage you to be open about your issues, fears and concerns.

I do not take the role of the expert; I believe that you hold all the answers within and during the process of therapy your innate wisdom will begin to emerge.

The quality of the relationship between therapist and client is the key to a successful therapeutic outcome. I am a warm, loving, and friendly individual and it is my hope that you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed in my company.

I welcome you as you are.


Couples Counselling

Are you struggling with your marriage or relationship? Do you want to put a stop to endless conflict and find new ways to connect and move forward? Or do you want to re-energise and revitalise your partnership? I offer solution-focused therapy for couples wishing to move past events or issues that are causing pain and disconnection, towards a more positive and connected future together.  Solution focused therapy differs from conventional therapy in that we do not dwell on the past but instead focus on the desired future of the couple. We will work collaboratively to set realistic goals and talk about how to achieve them. This approach looks at the couples’ strengths and will work to build upon those instead of shining the spotlight at perceived weaknesses. The future orientated nature of this therapy and the focus on strengths and not weaknesses are beneficial for achieving and sustaining desired behavioural change.

The length of treatment is usually between six and eight sessions but may extend beyond this depending on how couples progress. I will incorporate my knowledge and skills of person-centred therapy into the sessions alongside the solution-focused approach as I find this to be most effective.

I will be dedicated to your relationship and maintain an unbiased attitude towards you both. I will also help you both to express yourselves without feeling threatened or diminished in any way. My desire is to see you move towards each other with love, understanding and a renewed hope for the future.

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